Thursday, 20 December 2007

Bethlehem checkpoint, 4 a.m.

Please spare a few minutes to watch this short film and forward the link to your relatives, your friends, your Member of Parliament, your Member of the European Parliament, your congressman and your local clergy.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Disastrous humanitarian situation in Gaza

In view of the fact that five months passed since the start of the harsh siege imposed on Gaza strip, all life aspects are being exposed to humanitarian crisis. This siege affects the lives of tens of thousands of innocent civilians. It also destroyed the fragile economy of Gaza and afflicted humanitarian, environmental and health facets for more than 1.5 million peoples in Gaza Strip.

The disastrous outcomes of this siege are obvious violations of international charters, human rights conventions, the Fourth Geneva protocols and the international declaration of human rights. Additionally, its flagrant actions of human being freedom that adopted by the free civilized world!

Believing in your crucial role, we appeal to you to end this deadly siege. We call upon you to alleviate burdens and sufferings of innocent Gaza civilians. Certainly, the siege ramifications and sufferings of people affect the possibility of spreading peace and security in the region

We urge you due to your crucial position in the world to intervene to end the siege and to give the population in the Gaza Strip, hope of dignified life like the rest of the people around the world, through responding to the following humanitarian needs :

1- Now, in Gaza more than 1.5 thousand of seriously sick people exposed to the risk of death, because of inability to leave. More than 40 ill cases died by cold blood due to closure! Patients are in urgent need of immediate treatment outside the Gaza Strip. Yet, they are not allowed to leave Gaza, thus they are facing a slow death sentence! What's needed is, to allow them to travel for treatment and conveying medicine to Gazans!

2- Gaza Strip is suffering from severe shortages of medicines and supplies needed in the hospitals, as well as a shortage of food and basic materials, what is required is to allow the entrance of medical supplies and life basic requirements to relief people!

3- In Gaza Strip, thousands of students enrolled in universities abroad, thousands of humanitarian cases and workers prevented from leaving Gaza strip. What's needed, is to allow them leave to attend universities, colleges, works and join their families .

4- The siege halted housing projects for displaced families and water projects, being carried out by UNRWA and other international institutions of value of (250) million, which resulted in the suspension of more than (100000) labors from work, and caused serious humanitarian tragedies. What is strongly required, is to allow the entrance of construction roe materials needed for the resumption of these projects

5- Reduction of fuel amount has severe impact on all life aspects, and this impact will increase by the start of winter season. What is required is to allow the access of fuel to prevent further calamities.

6- A full breakdown hit the agricultural sector due to the inability of farmers to export their products and import seeds and necessary fertilizers. What is badly needed, is to save this sector by allowing to export agricultural products and access of requirements needed to save the agricultural sector.

7-All factories, workshops and laboratories amounted of 3500 utility stopped working. This obligatory stoppage is due to unavailability of roe materials. Consequently, 65.000 daily labors lost their jobs. What is just needed, is to save this vital sector and labors!

8- Palestinian goods trapped in Israeli seaports amounted of 100 million dollars. The goods and commodities are very important and basic needs required for the daily life. What is needed is to quickly secure an access!

The previously mentioned calamities caused by Israeli occupation and they are obvious violations of human law. Depriving people from food, medicines, freedom of movement and basic life requirements. We are fully hope that you intervene to alleviate sufferings of besieged people in Gaza Strip. We are no asking you to fight Israeli, yet oblige it to abide by all international charts! We aspire with you to end the comprehensive siege imposed in Gaza Strip.

With all respect,
Popular Committee Against Siege Chairman,
Independent Parliamentarian in Gaza Strip,
Jamal N. El Khoudary