Sunday, 27 December 2009

Mubarak henchman defends holding up Gaza aid

Listen to the weasel words of the Pharaoh Husni Mubarak's fag, Maged Reda Botros of the ruling Egyptian National (Un)Democratic Party (1 minute, 22 seconds into the video), justifying his master's decision not to allow the Viva Palestina international humanitarian aid convoy to the besieged Gaza Strip.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

This is for Palestine

By Lowkey

While we listen to tunes, made by ignorant fools,
Israel blocked the UN from delivering food,
They'll bring in the troops and you won't even glimpse at the news,
They make money of the products that we are quick to consume,
It's not simply a question of differing views,
Forget emotions, this is fact, what I spit is the truth,
Makes no difference if you're a Christian or if you're a Jew,
They are just people living in different conditions to you,
They still die when you bomb their schools, mosques and hospitals,
It is not because of rockets, please god can you stop it all,
I'm not related to the strangers on the TV,
But I relate because those faces could have been me,
Words can never ever explain the raw tragedy,
It's not a war they're just murdering more rapidly,
We are automatically supporting pure savagery,
Imagine how you'd feel if it was your family,

This is for Palestine, Ramallah, West Bank, Gaza,
This is for the child that is searching for an answer,
I wish I could take your tears and replace them with laughter,
Long live Palestine, Long live Gaza,

Palestine remains in my heart forever,
We stand for peace, in times of war we shan't surrender,
Remember, it didn't start in that dark December,
Every coin is a bullet, if you're Mark's and Spencer,
And when your sipping Coca-Cola,
That's another pistol in the holster of a soulless soldier,
You say you know about the Zionist lobby,
But you put money in their pocket when you're buying their coffee,
Talking about revolution, sitting in Starbucks,
The fact is that's the type of thinking I can't trust,
Let alone even start to respect,
Before you talk learn the meaning of that scarf on your neck,
Forget Nestle,
Obama promised Israel 30 billion over the next decade,
They're trigger happy and they're crazy,
Think about that when you're putting Huggies nappies on your baby,

This is for Palestine, Ramallah, West Bank, Gaza,
This is for the child that is searching for an answer,
I wish I could take your tears and replace them with laughter,
Long live Palestine, Long live Gaza,

This is not just a war over stolen land,
Why do you think little boys are throwing stones at tanks?
We will never really know how many people are dead,
They drop bombs on little girls while they sleep in their beds,
Don't get offended by facts, just try and listen,
Nothing is more anti-Semitic than Zionism,
So please don't bring bad vibes when you speak to me,
I know there's plenty of Rabbi's that agree with me,
It's your choice what you do with this message,
Don't get it confused; I view this from a truly human perspective,
How many more resolutions have to be violated,
How many more children have to be annihilated
Israel is a terror state, there terrorists that terrorise,
I testify, my television televised them telling lies,
This is not a war, it is systematic genocide,
But whatever they try, Palestine will never die!!!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Britain's Jewish Chronicle newspaper rattled by Redress website

Britain's top Zionist newspaper and Israeli mouthpiece, the Jewish Chronicle, is becoming desperate in the face of growing public support for the Palestinian cause.

In an article published on 17 December, the newspaper expressed concern at the work of our website, Redress Information & Analysis, in highlighting Israeli racism and crimes against humanity.

The article, written by the Jewish Chronicle's chief political editor, Martin Bright, cited a shadowy organization known as the "Community Security Trust", as being particularly worried by the fact that Redress's message was now part of mainstream public opinion.

The Community Security Trust is officially a "charity" but has been accused of hiding behind its charitable status in order to act as the internal policing arm of the Zionist Federation in Britain.

Martin Bright became the Jewish Chronicle's first-ever non-Jewish political editor in September 2009. A self-proclaimed left winger, Mr Bright subscribes to a broadly neo-conservative agenda on Islamism and the "war on terror".

He is also the author of a pamphlet for the right-wing thinktank Policy Exchange attacking UK government dialogue with Muslims.
To read the full Jewish Chronicle article, click here.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

European Union heads of mission report on Arab Jerusalem

A report Israel is desperately trying to bury

Why are Israeli politicians hysterically lobbying in Europe in order to avoid the passing of the EU report and draft resolution on East Jerusalem? What are the Israelis trying to hide??

Israeli ultra-rightist Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman who has visited over 20 European cities this last week, explains that Israel has taken "huge steps to prove its interest in resuming peace talks".

Rhetoric is all one hears from Israeli officials and violence and illegal behaviour is all one sees. Lieberman has been telling European leaders that "Palestinians were not interested in negotiations with Israel" and that "their desire to achieve an agreement with Israel is mere lip service." Chutzpah is what this is called.

Lip service? Maybe reading the EU draft resolution itself might give a few interesting details regarding the amount of lip service Israel is paying while it continues to pursue without hesitation its illegal land annexations in spite of commitments to the international community to honour the various peace agreements and negotiations which clearly mean nothing to the illegal Zionist entity.

Please read theEU draft resolution below and help expose Israeli lies and hypocrisy.

EU heads of mission reports on East Jerusalem, Jerusalem and the Middle East peace process