Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Free Burhan Abu Zaid of Shefaamer - IDF military resister!

Dear Friends,

Israeli military courts continue to take a hard line against Palestinian Druze citizens of Israel who refuse military service on conscientious grounds. The most recent is Burhan Abu Zaid, of Shefaamer in the Galilee, who has been held for nearly 2 months after refusing to participate in the IDF induction process. His father said: “My son decided to refuse to serve in an army that occupies Palestinian lands, the army of a state that refuses to recognize the right of return.”

Among the many causes for complaint of the Druze Palestinian citizens of Israel, it is significant that these military resisters highlight recognition of the right of return.
See, in Hebrew: http://www.mahsom.org/article.php?id=6065

Recognize the right to, on grounds of conscience, refuse military service and to disobey military orders! Release all military resisters!


Henry Lowi

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