Monday, 16 June 2008

International day of action in support of Gaza fishermen

Press Release from Luisa Morgantini Vice-President, European Parliament

"The right to live. The right to fish. End the siege of Gaza”

Rome, 16 June 2008

Today 16th June, fishermen of Gaza took to the sea to claim the “Right to live. Right to fish. End the siege on Gaza” – a mobilization organized by the “End the siege campaign”, a Palestinian and international campaign ( ) carried out by intellectual, physicians, lawyers and representatives of Palestinian civil society.

On the occasion of the international day of action in support of fishermen in Gaza, the Italian Lega Pesca, the oldest and largest organization of 13,000 Italian cooperatives representing more than 400,000 fishermen, expressed its "solidarity with the fishermen in Gaza, regarding the very serious human, social and economic conditions in which they are illegally forced to live".

In a press release, Italian fishermen expressed “that the international community should take charge of this injustice and remove all obstacles preventing the thousands of fishermen from exercise their undeniable right to work and be free".

Many initiatives of solidarity with fishermen in Gaza took place in different coastal locations in Italy. In Pozzuoli, Naples, Italian civil society asked for the end of the siege and the right to fish in Gaza.

“Civil society's demands are the salt of the earth, as they call for freedom and justice," stated Luisa Morgantini, Vice-President of the European Parliament, who organized the initiative in Italy, as she also demanded the immediate end of the siege.

Please see below photos of the initiative by fishermen in Gaza Strip and in Italy (Pozzuoli, Naples)

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