Tuesday, 1 July 2008

"Sleeping with the enemy" and "enforced separation between Jews and Palestinians"

From Henry Lowi:

The widely accepted myth is that the State of Israel is a Western-style democracy whose bloodthirsty neighbours want to destroy. Even critics of Israeli policies echo that myth, pretending that Israel is, or was, just fine, and that only some undesirable features need to be reformed.

Here are reports of Israeli state-sponsored racist incitement. Not spontaneous grassroots bigotry. Racist incitement and segregation sponsored by the Kiryat Gat municipality, its Welfare department, the Ministry of Education public schools, and the Israel Police.

I don’t know about you, but the “Sleeping with the Enemy” programme reminds me not only of a Hollywood movie. It reminds me of a programme of a long-gone militarist genocidal regime that targeted Jews as “the enemy”.

Kiryat Gat tells its school girls: No romancing with Bedouin

Kiryat Gat teens warned against dating Bedouins

Israel tells schoolgirls: Don't bed the Bedouins

Culture of fear
“In the vacuum left by enforced separation between Jews and Palestinians, rampant fabrication runs riot, and fiction becomes truth in the minds of the masses.”

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