Friday, 6 February 2009

Israel lobbyist Denis McShane passes wind

Labour MP Denis McShane has written a report attacking the BBC's Middle East editor, Jeremy Bowen, for “demonstrat[ing] a preoccupation with humanizing Palestinian perspectives”. Click here to read further.

A rabid Zionist and shameless Israel lobbyist, McShane would rather the media dehumanize all victims of Israeli crimes, as if the media don't dehumanize them enough, presumably by labelling them "terrorists" or "targets".

For those who don't remember McShane's own colourful past, he used to be a BBC reporter but was sacked for dishonesty – fabricating an interview!

Not to worry, if he keeps up his warped Zionist tirade against Mr Bowen, there's a good chance that the BBC and its feeble, pro-Zionist director-general, Mark Thompson, would sack Mr Bowen and maybe even appoint the Zionist nincompoop McShane in his place.

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