Sunday, 1 March 2009


Changes to Redress Information & Analysis

We would like to inform readers of Redress Information & Analysis that we have made the following changes to our website.

(1) We have created a new section called "Stooges" to highlight the influence of Israel's lobbyists and agents of influence throughout the world, especially in Britain and the United States. You can access this section by clicking on the "Stooges" tab at the top of the website. The section brings together articles we have already published on the power of Israel's lobbyists, and we shall add to it as we receive new information to help us expose the influence of friends of Israel

(2) We have replaced our Alerts and Contacts sections with a new section called "About". Again, you can find this by clicking on the eponymous tab at the top of the website. The new "About" section contains information on the following:
  • Who we are
  • Coverage
  • Editorial standards
  • Our contributors
  • How to submit material for publication
  • Copyright
  • Free subscription and
  • Our contact details.

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