Saturday, 17 October 2009

Britain must vote to accept Goldstone report

The United Nations Human Rights Council, meeting in Geneva, is about to report on the Goldstone report into Israel's assault on the people of Gaza in December 2008 and 2009.

The report, written by someone who could not remotely be described as biased towards the Palestinians, found devastating evidence of Israeli war crimes during the bombardment and land incursion.

The British government initially indicated that it would vote to accept the report, which would then be forwarded to the UN Security Council.

It now seems it is about to renege on that pledge and vote to block it.

Respect MP George Galloway says:
If Britain casts its vote against the truth it will be a staggering indictment of this government. Everyone who responded in shock and horror to the bombardment of Gaza should contact the Foreign and Commonwealth Office now to demand that the British representative to the UN stands by the original decision.

"Burying this report will only create deeper bitterness in the Middle East and further sully our country's reputation. It will, more importantly, send a signal to the hawks in Israel that they can kill and maim Palestinians with impunity.

"Gordon Brown and David Milliband have a chance to avoid that. They should be held to account if they refuse to take it."
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