Saturday, 5 December 2009

European Union heads of mission report on Arab Jerusalem

A report Israel is desperately trying to bury

Why are Israeli politicians hysterically lobbying in Europe in order to avoid the passing of the EU report and draft resolution on East Jerusalem? What are the Israelis trying to hide??

Israeli ultra-rightist Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman who has visited over 20 European cities this last week, explains that Israel has taken "huge steps to prove its interest in resuming peace talks".

Rhetoric is all one hears from Israeli officials and violence and illegal behaviour is all one sees. Lieberman has been telling European leaders that "Palestinians were not interested in negotiations with Israel" and that "their desire to achieve an agreement with Israel is mere lip service." Chutzpah is what this is called.

Lip service? Maybe reading the EU draft resolution itself might give a few interesting details regarding the amount of lip service Israel is paying while it continues to pursue without hesitation its illegal land annexations in spite of commitments to the international community to honour the various peace agreements and negotiations which clearly mean nothing to the illegal Zionist entity.

Please read theEU draft resolution below and help expose Israeli lies and hypocrisy.

EU heads of mission reports on East Jerusalem, Jerusalem and the Middle East peace process

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