Sunday, 1 August 2010 deserves your support exists after six years because it has a good mission, and a lot of drive. The site's founders left established mainstream media careers to start the nation's first independent internet news group in 2004.

They have given everything possible to meet the demands of daily news for over half a decade and they need your help to continue. Appreciate that this site exists because of sheer devotion to the truth, which does not make a news group popular with those who control the purse strings of society.

Please take four minutes of your time and watch the video produced by to explain our urgent need for funding. Please add to the list of agencies that you support and do what you can, if you can.

In the video we review several of the areas that your support helps maintain; this includes coverage in places like Darfur, Mexico and Haiti, and also our regular coverage of veterans issues like the contamination of military bases with deadly toxic waste-the importance of that can not be overstated.

Obstacles that have impacted advertising but at the same time driven viewership, include consistent coverage of medical marijuana with Dr Phil Leveque and Bonnie King, and our endless examination of the conflict between the people of Palestine and Israel.

Military affairs and history are other strong points of, with emphasis on Agent Orange contamination affecting American veterans and Vietnamese citizens, and Marine Corps history. also pays very close attention to government corruption and we are in the middle of an expose revealing unexpected levels of racism within the Oregon Corrections Department.

Viewer support is strongly needed and appreciated. Statistically, is seeing an average of 60,000 of our stories opened every 24 hours. We have a real chance but we are struggling; and have too large of a mission to not keep moving forward.
Thank you for your consideration.

Watch the video and then visit this page if you can help: Support

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